Inspired to become a break dancer after watching 1980’s movie Breakin, Kid David entered the competition scene after years of practice and winning several competitions and championships. He’s known around the world for his original style and outstanding musicality.


He’s performed and starred in multiple feature films including Step Up, All In, Step Up 3D, Battle of the Year and Lemonade Mouth. His television appearances include Dancing with the Stars, So You Think you can Dance, and the Academy Awards. He has toured with the likes of Justin Beiber, Gwen Stefani as well as performed with artists including Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock and Miley Cyrus.


Kid David’s skills expand beyond dancing alongside artists or in films, his choreography was also featured in a variety of the performances of the artists he’s worked with and his acting skills were heavily praised in the Step Up “All In” film with the character Chad.

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